The Curriculum of Cuisine

Curriculum-of-Cuisine6A rigorous bite of culinary education, food justice, and career exploration for high school students.

The Curriculum of Cuisine (TCC) brings chefs into the classroom and offers young adults the opportunity to learn essential culinary skills through hands-on, experiences in conjunction with various core subjects.

How it Works.

Our program design allow chefs and teachers to use culinary skills to support learning across a variety of Core academic subjects, TCC’s format enables chefs to tailor their lessons and food choices to reflect the cultural capital of each unique class.

We begin by meeting with teachers and learning more about their academic goals and students. From there, we reach into our community chefs, and select a chef that will best compliment the subject and students. Teacher, chef, and TCC Program Director then meet to outline the goals and scope of work for the partnership.

Possible curriculum includes:

  • Language Arts
    Connecting reading and writing to culinary experiences in literature and life
  • Social Studies
    Supporting analysis of social, cultural, and personal relationships around food and eating through culinary lessons
  • Health
    Providing the culinary skills that support education about nutrition and wellness
  • Natural Science
    Integrating gardening to study the culinary experience from seed to table


Curriculum-of-Cuisine3TCC can strengthen student interest and engagement across all classroom subjects. TCC  supports student success and a lifetime of wellness.

  • Enhances Academic Learning and Success. TCC supports teachers in achieving curriculum goals while providing hands on learning opportunities and engaging students with varied learning styles. This leads to increased student participation in core subjects and in learning.
  • Provides Tools to Wellness and Food Justice. Education is fundamental to equity. TCC equips students with a culinary skill-set to better nourish themselves and their communities over a lifetime.
  • Encourages Career Exploration. By connecting with professionals in the food industry, students gain insight and access into career opportunities.